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Lots of updates.. Xmas 2009-April 2010

Soo lots has happened since I posted last! My son, Ryan, is doing wonderful! He is now 15 + 1/2 months old and doing great! He is saying 'Baba, Dada, Mama, Thanks, Thank you, Welcome, Some, Again, Dora and See' That's a lot of small words that sound soo cute with a tiny voice saying them! He is walking, dancing, running and clapping. He has also learned to help wash his own hair in the shower and climb lol.  I love him, he is soo cute! He gives hugs and kisses and loves to play hide and seek.
I had long hair for the longest time from winter 2009 til Fall/winter 2010. I cut my hair into an inverted was short enough to mimic the Victoria Beckham 'Posh spice' bob. I love my hair long and short..all my ends were dead anyways..and now I will let it grow again, ever since having Ryan my hair grows faster than it ever has.
Christmas 2009 I got engaged! I received the most gorgeous 1/2 ct 3 stone Diamond engagement ring! Shawn gave the wrapped box to Ryan and Ryan handed it to me. It was a wonderful Christmas and we are attempting to plan a wedding for Summer 2011! I am soo excited and I already asked my best friend Jess to be my maid of honor and she said yes! I cannot wait to start planning the wedding.
Shawn and I have our own house now. We are renting instead of owning, but it is OUR place and it's cute! Single story and has a 3 season closed in porch. I love it..2 bedrooms and the extra porch/3season room space it is plenty of room for Me Shawn and the baby :)
We also have a new addition vehicle wise. Our Mitsubishi 3000GT started to die..started leaking coolant and the location of where it was leaking was unknown..kept overheating and we literally had to keep filling the car with water and keep a gallon of water with us at all we got tired of that and bought a new used car for $700. We have a 1996 Green Chevy Cavalier. Much more room and the car runs great..needs some minor repairs but hey the car was $700 so can't really complain lol..We also sold Shawn's Mitsubishi for $650 so we aren't really out any $ situation :)
So things are going well! I am a stay at home mom now..Shawn makes enuf $ to pay the bills/rent and etc. So, I am going to return to work nights and weekends possibly within the next few months. I have lost a lot of weight since I have been running around after Ryan all the time and who has time to eat while playing run around the house all day!? yea a lot of my clothes no longer fit, so it's time for new tops and jeans lol. Lots of good news and good times..can't complain :)
Here's a pic of my new hair and my engagement ring!

Here's a cute photo of my 15 month old son after eating an oreo lol

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Ok, so I just want to start by saying WTF!?

I really want to know why things have to be this way. I know we are doing this insane plan where we live with our friends rent free, just split utilities and food, so we can save money for a house in 1-3 years. But, it's taking forever to fix the place. I've been living with Shawn's mom and her boyfriend since July 1st. It was supposed to take 2's almost November..been almost 4 months. I just want to live together as a family again. It kills me when Shawn leaves to go back there. I break down crying every time. It doesn't help that Ryan follows him tot he door and starts crying at times while banging at the door when he drives off. It breaks my heart. I understand the bigger picture in the future means more than the current situation, but I just don't know how much more of this shit I can doesn't help either that his mom acts like I don't know what i am doing with Ryan. That pisses me off. I understand you raise 2 kids, but back the hell off. Ryan is MY son and you need to stop..k? thanks. It really royally pissed me off the one day Shawn was doing something and she was arguing with him over something and said I see your son more than you do. Well, you know what YOUR son.. who is My boyfriend and Ryan's father is busting his ass and living in crappy conditions to make things better for his family. So, yea let's put him down for doing the right thing. Great job. I've never ever ever never even had the thought of disrespecting her verbally until she said that shit. I bit my tongue cuz it would only cause more drama. But it's bull shit. And the feeling of needing to stay with her, and have them say stuff to Shawn instead of to me li8ke "you know it's pushing November..." if you don't want me here, just fucking say something and I'll pack my shit and go live with MY parents whom I never get to see as it is. I don't know what's wrong with people that they can't just express their feelings to me, no..they have to pressure the man who's already under a lot of pressure. WTF. UGHHHH AAAHHH.

I have just had it with everything.  especially when Roy or Shawn's mom complain about something..well excuse me, but last time I checked we PAY so I can live here. So kiss my ass. Thanks...

Work sucks...I make shit for pay and I deal with assholes all the damn time. The only things that keep me going are my son and my boyfriend of 3 years now. My son just started to walk and he is always so happy and playful. I love waking up to that smiling little boy who is soo excited to see me.

Shawn tells me horror stories about the people we are going to be living with. The girl is sooo messy and doesn't clean and is very lazy. I mean how hard is it to do the dishes or put a new garbage bag in? No instead let's let the dishes pile up and start to smell and just throw garbage on the floor. FUCK THAT. I hate that shit. I am not by any means a clean freak, but c'mon. The cat kills mice and leaves the dead mice around as gifts like a lot of cats do...and she leaves them on the floor for days. Like hello...are you fucking kidding me!? O yea..I am SO FUCKING THRILLED ABOUT LIVING WITH HER. I have a feeling one of us will end up gone and it will NOT be me. One time a dirty crock pot stayed dirty on the counter for about 2 and 1/2 months. Yea...get the idea of what I am going to be dealing with!?

So I live with people who practically don't want me here...they nit pick every fucking thing and act like I don't know what I am doing. Then I eventually will be leaving this place to go live with people who don't have enuf common sense to get their lazy ass off the computer chair and pick up a bottle of cleaner and some paper towels. Yea, and then you complain you ar enot losing weight on your diet...wonder if sitting on your ass 24/7 has anything to do with it!? You already broke 1 computer chair..get the hint...

Lately I have felt like I wanna beat the shit out of someone...wonder why!?...

OMG i seriously feel like I am going to have a mental/emotional break down and just start flipping out. The ONLY thing that keeps me sane is knowing I need to be strong for Ryan. I love that little boy wayyy too much to let assholes get to me. fuck drama....fuck  idiots...ughhh
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Update On Life So Far

Well, a lot has happened lately, and seeing how I haven't been on here in a while, I suppose there is a lot to tell :)
I'll start with the baby update. I am no 32 weeks pregnant, and I have about 7 weeks left to go until I get to hold my little boy, Ryan! I am high risk, and on insulin with Gestational diabetes, so I am not allowed to go past 39 weeks. The doctor said the baby may have to come a little earlier, anywhere from 37-39 weeks. As long as he's ready enough to come out, I have no problem meeting my son a little early :-)

Shawn and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary on October 13th! We are super thrilled about that too. We've been together for 2 years, which is big when you think about it, considering this is my longest relationship. We have had some issues in the past, and we worked thru all of them and I am so proud of him and us and me also. We are now expecting our first baby and it's such an amazing feeling knowing that you're starting a family with the person you love most in this world.

Also, another big thing happened for us. We just signed a lease for our first apartment! It is only a 1 bedroom but with Ryan being so small and it just being the 2 of us as adults, the 1 bedroom is plenty of space for now. It is very cozy and cute. As soon as things get set up, I'm going to add pictures of the new apartment!! I feel like we're accomplishing a lot this year and I am very excited!! We now have a place to start raising our little boy in.

Shawn's sister Gail is pregnant and due in March of 2009. She just informed me today she is also having a boy!! I'm super happy for her. It seems like last year was the year for girls, this is the year for boys. Mine and Shawn's very good friend Vanessa is also having a boy. My friend Rob is having a boy. Shawn's mom is flipping out because she will have my and Shawn's baby here late November/early December and then her daughter Gail's baby her in March haha. Two boys that close together is going to be fun!! But at least whatever Ryan grows out of by the time her son comes along, she can use :)

Shawn's cousin Miguel and his girlfriend Shannon;s little girl, Mackenzie is now 13 months old!! It feels like I was just holing her for the first time a few months ago...she is such a smart and beautiful baby! We all got together and went Pumpkin Picking at Hahn's Farm in Poughkeepsie. That was a lot of fun. Next year we'll go with Ryan. We got Pumpkins and man were they a bargain! Shawn's pumpkin was 45 pounds, Mine 40 pounds and we got a small one for Ryan lol. All 3 pumpkins cost us like $18..really good deal!

Well, here's some pictures:

This is me and Gail. I'm 8 months and she is 5!

Me and Shawn Carving Pumpkins!

Shawn's Cousin Miguel, Shannon and Mackenzie!

Us Pumpkin Picking :) Can you believe I'm 8 months along!!?

Me digging out Pumpkin Guts lol

Us and Our Pumpkins!

Our Pumpkin Family with Ryan's in the Middle =]

Me + My Hunny

My 8 Month preggers Belly :)

Another belly shot !

My Parents and Us!!

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Ok, so I am super excited!! Tomorrow is my 20 week Ultrasound and we all know what that means..I finally get to know if I am going to be having a little boy or a little girl :) Shawn and I are thrilled, and other good news is that I am now half way thru! MY belly keeps growing by the day it seems and over the weekend I kind of popped more lol. When I get a chance to hang up a backdrop, I will take some cute pictures and all that cool stuff.

The only thing that is a conflict in this pregnancy is that I have developed Gestational Diabetes. It's manageable tho. So far, it is very manageable without medicine still, which is freaking awesome. I don't want to take any medicine until I absolutely have to later on in the pregnancy. So, I just have to learn what to eat with certain foods, what not to eat..kind of find the balance in proportions and such.

The baby has been moving all morning, and now I am enjoying english muffin and eggs...and let me tell is Toasty and Yummy!
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Need To Vent

Ok, well first of all I am now 19w1d. I am going back to the doctor's on July 24th. Then they will give me my ultrasound script so I can see my little pumpkin on the big screen and find out if I am having a boy or a girl :)
So there's my belly pix :)

Now, to the venting part. I don't understand why, but it seems people don't give a shit when a pregnant lady is sick. They seem to think I am making it up 3/4 of the time. Because I mean it hasn't been proven or anything, that Morning Sickness exists. What gets me is before I was pregnant, if i was to call out of work, I never got an attitude about it, never got a snotty remark, no inconsideration. But NOW that i AM pregnant, let me tell you. These people must think i am Lying or just making it up. It doesn't help that I was scheduled 10 days in a row without a day off. I made it 9 days until my body went haywire and decided to get sick. I had a fever this morning and decided the best thing to do would be to stay home and not overdo it, for the baby's sake. I was scheduled 9-6 (9hrs) there's no way i can work 9 hrs today if i have a fever. I am not playing cards with my baby's health. So i call at 7am. My boss answers the phone. She tells me she's there because the lady at work that was supposed to open the store at 7am, ended up in the hospital again because of her Lupas. I hope she's ok, she was out almost 2 weeks already and I just hope they run the right tests on her and find something they can do for her. But my boss was all sympathetic about her. I then proceeded to tell her I had a fever and didn't think i could make it in today. And what happened!? Well, she flips out. She gets nasty and frustrated and said she should just make her bed there because everyone keeps calling out. Mind you, she didn't say this when she mentioned the other girl calling out. I was so upset. i didn't want to upset her, but what else am i supposed to do? My body is trying to tell me I'm overdoing it and everyone is getting that stomache virus at work, that's on the news. (I live near Dutchess county, NY in Ulster County, near Poughkeepsie) So, I even offered to work 9-1. I figured 4 hrs would help her out and it would be a lot better on me and the baby than 9 hrs. She hangs up. I call back, she apologized, b/c she didn't mean to take everything out on me, but still. I don't understand it. Why is it just me, that gets an attitude or a snotty remark? She has kids of her own and should know what it's like. I guess people just like to be ignorant. I feel bad that i can't go into work and I am missing out on 9 hrs, so it's going to hurt my paycheck tremendously. So,it's not like I'm all smiles and happy. I'm at home sick, with a fever and 9 hrs less in my already shitty paying job. UGH!?!

Ok, I feel a little better now. At least after talking with some other pregnant women, I found out it's not just me that has this happen to them. I think people seriously just need to be a lot more considerate and think about things a little before just 'assuming' that it's an exaggeration.
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14 Weeks Preggers!

Ok, so Here are my 14 week Preggers belly photos!

On July 2nd I go to get blood work so they can run their tests on the blood for problems with the baby. Then either Late July or Early August, we will know if we are having a boy or a girl :)